Frequently Asked Questions

About Amazon FBA shipments

Whether you want to send a parcel to Amazon for the first time or have done so more often, we are eager to answer your questions about Amazon shipments and Amazon FBA warehouses. Below, please find a series of frequently asked questions about how shipping to Amazon works, and how we as Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder save you time and money in delivering shipments to an Amazon FBA warehouse.

All FAQs about Amazon FBA warehouses

You can track your shipment online when you let us handle the entire logistic process. When your shipment moves to the next stage, you will see it online. We also specify a date and time at which we expect to deliver your shipment to the Amazon FBA warehouse. You will receive a notification when your shipment has been delivered. This way, you will know exactly when your shipment arrives at its destination.

Unload from ship
We arrange an appointment with the shipping line to unload your container from the ship.

Pick-up at Schiphol
We arrange an appointment with the airline to pick up your goods at Schiphol.

Your FBA shipment is delivered from the container or airport to our warehouse.

When there are multiple shipments in a single container, we sort them by article and destination and/or Amazon order number.

Your shipment is sealed, labelled and palletised in accordance with the conditions set by Amazon, preventing rejection on delivery to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

We label every pallet or group of pallets so Amazon FBA can receive them directly.

Scheduling delivery
We arrange an appointment with the Amazon FBA warehouse to deliver your goods.

Delivery to Amazon
Your goods are delivered to the Amazon FBA warehouse at the scheduled time.

Report to customer
You will receive a notification when your shipment has been delivered.

Customer request
Receipt of invoice, packing list, and bill of lading or air waybill

Contact with shipping line or airline
Van Thiel Transport contacts the haulier directly and knows when the container or airfreight arrives

We handle the required payments, such as Terminal Handling Charges (THC)

Receipt of PIN code
Upon payment, we receive the PIN code to devan the container. You can find a detailed overview of the logistic process in the General FAQ.

Customs clearance of goods
We find the right customs agents experienced in importing e-commerce shipments.

Shipping to Amazon FBA warehouse
As soon as import duties have been paid, we ship the goods to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

When Amazon rejects a shipment that has been packaged in our warehouse, we will reship it to Amazon. We pay all of the associated costs. If you or your shipping company packaged the pallets, you will be responsible for any costs associated with a rejected shipment.

In exceptional cases, Amazon may reject a shipment and we may not be responsible for the rejection, for instance in case of extreme volumes at the warehouse. You will be charged for any costs associated from such a rejection.

If a shipment is refused, we will naturally keep you informed. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

To register your shipment correctly, we need the following data:

  1. Destination: to which Amazon FBA warehouse do you want your shipment to be delivered?
  2. Number of pallets: how many pallets are in your shipment. This is specified in the CARP system as ‘pallet count’.
  3. Number of boxes/parcels: how many boxes are on a pallet. This is specified in the CARP system as ‘carton count’.
  4. Number of units: how many units are in a box? This is specified in the CARP system as ‘unit count’.
  5. PO number (a.k.a. FBA reference) with an FBA or ASN number.
  6. Where can we load the goods?
  7. Do the goods meet the conditions set by Amazon?
  8. When are the goods ready for pick-up?

When we enter an order, we need a PO number. The PO number is also known as FBA reference and can be supplemented with a BOL number, ASN number, or FBA number.

Yes, your shipment is covered by our insurance from the moment we take responsibility for it. We guarantee the safety of your shipment throughout the entire logistic process up to delivery to your Amazon FBA warehouse. Your goods are insured in accordance with the CMR terms and conditions. The maximum insured value is 8.33 SDR per kg. This is equivalent to approx. €10/kg.

You determine when we take over the logistic process, from picking up goods anywhere in the world and unloading them from aircraft or ship to sorting, palletising, labelling, and delivery to the Amazon FBA warehouse. Depending on your wishes and requirements, we can get involved and handle your shipment at any stage.

We can pick up your shipment from any airport or port around the world and handle the rest of the logistic process. We are in communication with all stakeholders about the status of your shipment. This way, you can avoid unnecessary delays and costs.

As a dedicated Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder, we deliver to all Amazon FBA warehouses in Europe. We are familiar with the requirements of each warehouse, so we can guarantee seamless delivery of your shipment.

PO stands for ‘purchase order’. You can use this number to track and refer to your shipment. A PO number is also called an FBA reference.

A BOL (bill of lading) number refers to copies of bills of lading or air waybills for the products you are shipping. This includes what has been shipped, weight, and the number of boxes. You must have a copy of the original bills of lading or air waybills that specify the site of delivery as proof of the final destination. A BOL number is an FBA or ASN number.

An ASN number stands for ‘advance shipment notice’. These documents contain important information about your shipment, such as delivery time and date, order information, location data, product details, pallet codes, information from your transport company, etc.

FBA stands for ‘fulfilment by Amazon’. It means that as soon as Amazon receives your shipment, Amazon ensures that your products are shipped to the customer. An FBA number contains information about your shipment, such as weight, number of boxes shipped, etc.